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Because we believe in the power of essential oils, and know of their incredible benefits, we want them to be used in as many households as possible. Plant Therapy was founded with two goals in mind: we want to provide the highest quality essential oils (and accessories) at a price that everyone can afford and we want to provide the highest quality customer service.


Six years ago, Chris and Amanda Jones were given the opportunity to buy a small, all natural body care line company called Posergy. Posergy consisted of a full line of natural body care products and a line of natural makeup. They also sold a handful of essential oils to allow their customers to customize the body care products to their own likings.


Soon after the company was purchased, Chris decided to do more research on essential oils. It was then he found that most essential oils being sold, were either overpriced or not of high quality. With the help of a certified aromatherapist and naturopathic doctor, Chris dove deep into the world of essential oils. Three years later and after much research, Plant Therapy was founded.


Plant Therapy provides oils that are 100% pure, undiluted and of the highest quality. We source each oil from top suppliers around the world, buy in large volume, and negotiate the best prices possible. We then pass those savings on to you, the consumer! We also provide 100% customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money or simply replace the product/s.


We want to have a relationship with our customers where they can trust us. We want them to feel comfortable trying new products, asking questions and becoming educated in the many uses and powers of essential oils. Part of this relationship comes from the desire that Plant Therapy has to educate our customers on not only the best ways to use essential oils but also the safest ways to use them. And with two certified aromatherapists on stafff, we feel like we can do this! When our customers pick up an essential oil, we want them to feel confident in it. We want them to know that they will have success because they know everything they need to about that certain essential oil and what it is best used for. We strive very hard to educate our customers. On our website, under each individual oil, you will find everything you need to know about that oil: the botanical name, chemotype (if applicable), origin of plant, extraction method, suggested uses, safety concerns and much, much more.



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Welcome to Plant Therapy; the best source for pure essential oils online!

At Plant Therapy, we believe in the power of essential oils, and want to ensure they are available to everyone. You may have heard, there are many different uses for essential oils ranging from simple aromatherapy to topical applications. However you incorporate essential oils into your routine is up to you; that is why Plant Therapy is built on the goal of providing the highest quality, 100% pure & natural essential oils, nebulizers, and other essential oil accessories. We strive to exceed all of your expectations for an essential oil resource, and that means offering the best essential oils for the lowest prices.

All of the essential oils you will find at Plant Therapy are sourced from top suppliers around the world. We purchase all our oil in bulk, and negotiate the best prices so we can pass those savings along to you. At Plant Therapy, we believe that essential oils and essential oil accessories should be affordable without compromising quality. Our aromatherapy accessories include nebulizers and oil diffusers from a variety of manufacturers. Look through our online store to see one of the largest selections of 100% pure essential oils & accessories online. Thank you for visiting Plant Therapy for your essential oil needs.

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